Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's that time of year again!!

I love decorating for Halloween.  But I don't just put it all up at once.  I do not start until October 1 and I slowly add items until about 2 days before Halloween.  I was trying to think of something funky to put on the doors this year.  I had seen feather wreaths for other holidays but I am way too conservative for that---but anything goes for Halloween in this house!  I got online on Thursday afternoon (Yes, September 29---nothing like last minute) and ordered 6 orange feather boas.  I thought I would have a couple of days to get my other supplies lined up but the boas arrived on Saturday!!!!  2 DAYS!!  (Yay for:  You can also get these at Hobby Lobby and party stores.  Ebay is another place to check out.  I needed 6 just alike and thought ordering online would save me from driving from store to store.

I ran over to Walmart to pick up two straw wreaths or some foam wreaths and, of course, Walmart didn't have either.  (Don't get me started on Walmart.... if it wasn't 2 1/2 minutes away, I would boycott the place!)  I ended up buying two pieces of foam core with a hope it would work!

Evan helped me cut the foam core into the biggest circles it would allow.  

We started wrapping the boas around each circle.  We hot glued the ends and kept on going!  (Clothes pins were handy to hold everything in place before we glued.)

And we added a little fun!!

So, this is it for now!  Just some wreaths.  Got to get some more pumpkins tomorrow.  No telling what it will look like on October 31!  You will just have to check back!

I also want to throw this picture in there!  I completely forgot about this until the morning of October 1.  I was awake about 3 minutes and ran around scrambling to fill it!  I was totally busted but the boys didn't care!!  This is the 5th year we have used this--another one of my projects!  So, only 9 more years for Evan!??!  I don't think he wants to stop any time soon!  Me either!

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