Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Decor FUN!!

Just some random pictures of our Halloween decor!  I tend to change it up every year and keep it interesting!  We did the rope spiderweb for the first time thanks to Martha Stewart!  Directions are in her Halloween issue this year.  

You might also notice the small white card behind the mum.  We've been Boo'ed!  It's a fun neighborhood tradition.  Details are here on my neighbor/friend, Amanda's blog.

  When we moved to Florida in July 2011, we would jog around our neighborhood and I saw this fiber optic cat on a neighbor's front porch!  I KNEW I had to have one!  I didn't steal theirs but found this one at Eckerd Drug!  (Do they still have those stores?)  It's 11 years old and still works like a charm!!

There are also tombstones, pumpkins and a toothy rat which spent the first part of it's life with us as the mascot of John's lab at UGA.  (I will spare you the picture....)

Last year I got this Halloween tree and the boys absolutely love it!  I spent quite a bit of time last Sunday hanging our ornaments in the perfect spot only to have the boys rearrange it every afternoon after school!  But that is what makes it fun---it's totally kid decorated!!  

We had some new additions this year to the tree.  While we were in Santa Fe over spring break, I bought several Day of the Dead skeletons to add to the mix. I got them at the coolest store in the world called the Jackalope!  (  Uh-oh, didn't know they have an online store.......

And every time I walk by this dude, the boys have positioned his arms and legs in different ways---but he's always waving (Guess he's friendly)!!!  

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