Monday, September 19, 2011

Pumpkin Pizazz!!!

I have loved those fake plastic/foam pumpkins that craft stores have had for several years now.  When we lived in Florida, real pumpkins did not last very long due to high heat and humidity.  After shoveling several of them from the porch, I was so happy to find an alternative!  I bought several fake ones in Florida and they have lasted for years and I literally "toss" them in the attic at the end of the fall season!

I have been a subscriber to Lowe's FREE "Creative Living" publication for many years too!  During that time, I have used that magazine for inspiration for many of our projects.  This year's fall edition had the cutest idea for real pumpkins and real mums.  See here, page 10:  Lowe's Creative Living  The magazine states that the pumpkin should last about 3 days but I was not willing to invest my money or time for something so temporary.

I ran to HoLo and bought 3 large bunches of mums that were on sale (of course) and then to Michaels for one of their fake pumpkins (with coupon).

I also raided John's tool box for this tool (weapon) that he inherited from his grandfather.  I am not sure what to call it----just keep out of reach of children!!

Then, I took out quite a bit of aggression and poked holes into the pumpkin.  Can we say Pumpkin Prozac!?!?!?  LOL!  I also found out the hard way that the tool got very hot!!!  Ouch!

Next, I cut the mums from the stems, applied a small bit of hot glue and filled the pumpkins with mums.  No need to put any on the bottom as it needs a flat surface to sit properly.

But I wasn't happy!  WHERE DID THE STEM GO?  The mums were so big, I couldn't see the stem!  That simply would not do!  I did a little quick thinking with an empty toilet paper roll and masking tape and fashioned a much bigger stem!  I applied a little paint and decided I was done!

I love it!  It would make a beautiful center piece but I think it's going on our front porch----along with the other fake pumpkins!!!

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