Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Evan needed a shelf.....

We have been working on a little update of Evan's room this summer.  He requested more shelf space to display his Lego creations and Yoda collection.  Of course, I couldn't simply go to Home Depot or Container Store and buy regular ready made shelves!!  Evan and I did some brainstorming and we came up with a great idea to use up old license plates that I had from a previous project.

This is simply a piece of plywood with license plates glued on the front and around the edges.   I was careful to highlight places we have lived before and to "mix up" the color!  This is "BEFORE" Evan did his part!

Evan had a ball setting up his collections!  Yoda definitely got the prime spot!  (The bad guys are on the bottom shelf----I assume so he can keep an eye on them!)  Also, the license plates allow for him to use magnets to stick pictures and other mementos on the shelf!

I also found these decals on Pottery Barn Teen to complete the area above his desk.  I had originally thought we would add some more shelving directly above his desk, but we discovered we didn't need any more.  We decided we were done!  Evan LOVES it!!

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  1. You are so creative! I know Evan's room will be the envy of all his friends. Not sure I want to know how you ended up with all those license plates!