Friday, August 5, 2011

Sorority Fun with Kaylin!!

My niece, Kaylin, pledged Kappa Kappa Gamma last fall at the University of Kentucky.  Her experiences have certainly brought back many memories from my AOII days at Murray State.  The boys and I were very lucky to spend some time with Kaylin this summer and I would like to share one of the projects we did!  I will share another KKG project once Kaylin gets settled back in school and sends me some pictures-----hint, hint.....;)

One of the symbols of Kaylin's sorority is the owl.  We put our heads together and I made a mad dash to HoLo to pick up some cute fabric.  My mother, Kaylin, and I whipped up these precious little critters in just a few hours last week.  They are about 6 inches tall and so darling!!

They may look like they are patchwork but they are not.  We simply cut the fabric in the shape we wanted and sewed the various prints on top of the main body of the owl.  We left the edges raw for a shabby chic feel.  The eye circles and beaks are cut out of felt and simply hot glued on!  My mom sewed the buttons on for eyes after Kaylin painstakingly went through mom's button stash for just the right ones!  (If anyone in Princeton needs a button, give Rita a call!!)  The buttons don't match but that is what makes them so unique!  

Kaylin will be getting a little sister in the next few days and one of these cute little "hootie-hoo's" will be moving into the dorm with her!  Color me jealous!!!!

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