Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jazzing up some floor pillows!!!

I had been looking for some floor pillows for the boys to lay on while watching tv downstairs.  Typically, they get in Tucker's dog bed and although he doesn't complain, I know Tucker doesn't like it!  I looked all over for some floor pillows and was shocked at the prices on some.  (But what did I expect with CB2, Ballard Designs and West Elm!).  However, I found some at.......of all places......Kroger!!!  They were about $15 each and I couldn't even make them for that!!  You can beat that price and they each came with a handle!!!

The boys thought they were perfect and Tucker breathed a huge sigh of relief!!  But I noticed they were a bit blah.  So, I raided my button stash and my mom's and purchased a few trendy buttons at Hancock Fabrics.  With a really long needle and 50 pound test fishing line, I added these buttons to jazz them up a bit!

Yes, you are seeing this correctly, none of the buttons match!  The boys thought they were pretty cool and I did too!  So, if you have any pillows that are lacking some jazz, just add some fun whimsical buttons!!!

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