Monday, July 18, 2011

Burlap Obsession - Part II

Well, unfortunately it took me 4 months to get to the "Part II" of my burlap obsession posted on this blog.  And since it's 104 degrees in the shade today the thought of burlap literally makes me itch.  BUT, I have to get "Part II" out of the way as I have been creating, creating, creating this summer.  I want to post my new projects so I  need to tie up this loose end.

While scanning my favorite magazines, I realized we were missing a fundamental thing in our bathroom---a stool!!  I wasn't thinking of creating anything but could not find anything to suit our needs and space and BUDGET!  But then, I came across this lovely item at Garden Ridge.

Now, this might fit in your house but it wasn't quite the right thing in ours!  Alas, I knew some burlap would help this stool immensely!!  I got to work with some burlap and a hot glue gun.  I didn't even bother taking the exquisite, zebra print vinyl off, I just put the burlap right on top!

I used some ribbon to add a finishing touch!  But, then, my perfectionist self took over and decided I needed a bit more.  It needed some piazza!!  So, found a stencil and took care of that!

Viola!!!  Isn't it just perfect??!  John thinks so as it's where his briefcase lives....that is....when he's home!!

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