Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Been there? We have!!!

I have been seeing those canvas city prints in local home decor stores and in the many catalogs that frequent my mail box.  The prints usually have city names depicted in a rustic, eclectic way.  They always caught my eye and even though I have been to Paris, Rome, New York---(heck, even Casablanca) I had not been to every city on them. If I were going to put one in my home, I want to be able to say I have been to every city on there!!

Earlier this week, John and I celebrated our "dating" 20 years milestone. I got to thinking of all of the stuff we have done, seen, owned, survived and celebrated together.  Wow, we have literally been around the block and around the world!!!  That took me back to those canvases and I thought, "Ha! I can do that!"

And what do you know....we even had a scrap piece of wood in the garage that was perfect!  My fabulous "boyfriend" of 20 years sanded it for me and picked off the spider webs.

I painted it a rustic brown and threw in a few other color specks just because I felt like it.  Then, went to my favorite store (HoLo) and got some stencils and a stenciling brush.  John and I did a little brainstorming and debated about which cities to add.  It had to be cities in which we lived or been to together.  Of course, they had to be memorable!  Unfortunately, Metter, GA, Woodville, FL, Prothro Junction, AR, and Possom Trot, KY just didn't make the cut!  Within two hours (and I stopped to eat dinner), I was done!

Ok, I admit it, this list is not all-inclusive but it's a good start!  AND, it makes me smile every time I see it!  Thus, that's why it is now located in our living room!  Hopefully, this will help the boys learn to spell Tallahassee (think osmosis)---they are going to have to learn---"In what city were you born?"