Sunday, January 23, 2011

Put a little love on our front door!

We moved to Little Rock four years ago this month.  When we moved in, I decorated our front porch with two ivy topiaries that I had purchased from when we bought our Florida house in 2001.  I have used them extensively over the years but decided this year, as they were approaching nine years old, that I was done with them.  So for fall this year, I broke down and bought some wreaths and made some other wreaths for Christmas decor.  But now it's January!  Now what?  I decided to make some wreaths that would last until summer.  What to do? I did some exploring on Etsy for inspiration and off to HoLo I went.

I ended up with two grape vine wreaths and 4 strands of garland.  Luckily the garland was half price, which coincidently swayed my decision to go with garland instead of stems.  I put a strand of leafy garland around the wreath and attached with florists wire. Then, laid the pink garland on top of it and attached with more wire!  A few days later, I was back at (you guessed it) HoLo and saw these cute LOVE hangers and thought they would fit inside the wreath.  I came home and with more florists wire got busy!

My dear friend, Amanda took these pictures for me and has also blogged about door decor in her blog: Thanks girl for snapping the pictures and for suggesting a craft blog....I do believe "craft" was the word that made me go for it!

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  1. I am smiling because I actually have a real life bloggy friend:) Well, I have a few others, but not many! Fun!! Wish it were December and you could post those amazing ornament wreaths! You have your first December 2011 post all ready!!