Saturday, January 22, 2011

A New Kitchen Bulletin Board

I got crafty today!  I needed a new bulletin board in my kitchen.  Well, actually, I needed a bulletin board, period  I had been putting my special cards, pictures and kid projects on a blackboard...with tape!  I decided I needed an upgrade.  I liked the bulletin boards I had seen in Pottery Barn and Ballard Design but needed something a bit more economical, and they were so girly!!  I needed something less so!

I had ordered the jute webbing from an upholsters supply store.  I want to use it as garland on my Christmas tree  next year.  Pottery Barn was selling something very similar before Christmas but it sold out very fast.  Plus I believe they had 10 yards for $17.  I ordered 75 yards (!!!) as it was cheaper than ordering cut 25 yards from craft supply stores.  (Please let me know if you need any, I have plenty!)

I was originally going to cover the bulletin board in a burlap with a stamped design on it.  But could not decide on a design.  After I got the webbing, my weaving experience from ole Murray State came back!  (Professor Boyd would be proud!)  I got a canvas on clearance at HoLo and got to work!

I think it turned out awesome and I had a great helper in Carter.  Feel free to send  me a card or a picture and I will tuck it in my board!  I will see it often as it seems as if I am always washing dishes!

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