Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mom!! (and Aunt Nita, too!)

Today is my mom's birthday, and my aunt's too.  Yes, they are twins!  They are celebrating their 49th birthday today!  Did I do my math right?  ;) Mom has been dropping hints that she has been wanting a Kindle.  Well, I don't know if I would call them 'hints' as they were quite straightforward and often!!  Somehow, Roger and I took the bait and got her a Kindle for her birthday.  She opened it on Sunday and we were there via Skype.  

While I was researching which Kindle to get Mom, I became very interested in getting one and a few weeks ago, John surprised me with one!  Of course, the main reason was that so I could 'help' Mom with hers!    And if you are like me, with every new electronic device, you need at least one accessory to go with it!  I thought I would like a case. Something small that would fit in my purse and of course it had to be fashionable!  I decided on a design and went to the most un-fashionable place in the world but found this great fabric at Walmart!  I spent a whopping $3 on the fabric and came home, got out the sewing machine and got to work!  I already had the batting, thread and picked out two buttons from my button collection.  In less than one hour, I whipped up two Kindle cases for Mom and me!  The only difference are the buttons!  I even got to use the new fangled, fancy button hole maker on my sewing machine (why didn't they have these when I was in college/grad school?).

Ta-Da!!!  Yes, a whopping $3 later!!!  I love mine!  And I think Mom does too! When she opened it she said, "Oh, it's a Vera Bradley!"  I said, "No, it's a Kennita Kind!"

Love you, Mom!  Happy Birthday!  And Happy Birthday, Aunt Nita--a gift card is in the mail to your favorite store!!  Let me know when you get a Kindle, I know where you can get a case!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Put a little love on our front door!

We moved to Little Rock four years ago this month.  When we moved in, I decorated our front porch with two ivy topiaries that I had purchased from when we bought our Florida house in 2001.  I have used them extensively over the years but decided this year, as they were approaching nine years old, that I was done with them.  So for fall this year, I broke down and bought some wreaths and made some other wreaths for Christmas decor.  But now it's January!  Now what?  I decided to make some wreaths that would last until summer.  What to do? I did some exploring on Etsy for inspiration and off to HoLo I went.

I ended up with two grape vine wreaths and 4 strands of garland.  Luckily the garland was half price, which coincidently swayed my decision to go with garland instead of stems.  I put a strand of leafy garland around the wreath and attached with florists wire. Then, laid the pink garland on top of it and attached with more wire!  A few days later, I was back at (you guessed it) HoLo and saw these cute LOVE hangers and thought they would fit inside the wreath.  I came home and with more florists wire got busy!

My dear friend, Amanda took these pictures for me and has also blogged about door decor in her blog: Thanks girl for snapping the pictures and for suggesting a craft blog....I do believe "craft" was the word that made me go for it!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A New Kitchen Bulletin Board

I got crafty today!  I needed a new bulletin board in my kitchen.  Well, actually, I needed a bulletin board, period  I had been putting my special cards, pictures and kid projects on a blackboard...with tape!  I decided I needed an upgrade.  I liked the bulletin boards I had seen in Pottery Barn and Ballard Design but needed something a bit more economical, and they were so girly!!  I needed something less so!

I had ordered the jute webbing from an upholsters supply store.  I want to use it as garland on my Christmas tree  next year.  Pottery Barn was selling something very similar before Christmas but it sold out very fast.  Plus I believe they had 10 yards for $17.  I ordered 75 yards (!!!) as it was cheaper than ordering cut 25 yards from craft supply stores.  (Please let me know if you need any, I have plenty!)

I was originally going to cover the bulletin board in a burlap with a stamped design on it.  But could not decide on a design.  After I got the webbing, my weaving experience from ole Murray State came back!  (Professor Boyd would be proud!)  I got a canvas on clearance at HoLo and got to work!

I think it turned out awesome and I had a great helper in Carter.  Feel free to send  me a card or a picture and I will tuck it in my board!  I will see it often as it seems as if I am always washing dishes!